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What and Why

Apps for Philly Sustainability is part hackathon and part unconference. We’re excited to be included in this year’s State of Young Philadelphia organized by Young Involved Philadelphia. Though often convoluted, in this context sustainability is thought of broadly.

Whether it’s physical, social, political, economic, or otherwise ours is a city of legacy infrastructures. To thrive in the 21st century, Philadelphia must adapt and evolve. We believe that the best solutions are collaborative and sustainable.

The unconference begins to unpack some of the complexities of these topics. Multiple sessions will run concurrently broken down by track.


Elevating: builds on areas of practice where Philadelphia is a leader in sustainability. Examples include open data, civic technology, green infrastructure, trails and parks, the arts, higher education, entrepreneurship and business resources, etc.

Discovery: brings new, uncommon voices to the table to re-think standard definitions and approaches to sustainability (or areas related to sustainability where we can improve). Examples include issues of poverty, crime and violence, the education system


Code itself might have a limited ability to directly impact these issues, but code can help collect, organize, distribute, and present knowledge. The right knowledge, the right place, and the right time can change everything. Let’s bring technologists and engaged citizens together to build the tools for Philly’s 21st century sustainability infrastructure.

This signature Code for Philly hackathon brings together technologists, community organizers, entrepreneurs/innovators and sustainability enthusiasts/experts/activists for a weekend-long rapid prototyping session. Ideas are expected to reach the proof-of-concept stage, but more than a end-product the hackathon is concerned with the process. Our goals are to:

  1. bring diverse perspectives to tackle the complexity of issues in sustainability to share knowledge and resources

  2. start a constructive dialogue on how we might advance sustainability in Philadelphia and improve our city as a whole

  3. work collaboratively to make a proof-of-concept that can live on in the civic tech ecosystem

  4. have fun and meet new people!

When and Where

See the full schedule of sessions here

Friday, October 16th-Sunday October 18th

10/16 9am-4:30pm Unconference

Innovation Lab, Municipal Services Building, 1401 JFK blvd 19107

6:00pm-9:00pm Community Needs Assessment

WHYY, 150 6th St 19106

10/17 9:30am-10:30pm Hackathon Day 01

City CoHo, 2401 Walnut 19103

10/18 10am-5pm Hackathon Day 02

City CoHo, 2401 Walnut 19103

Expert Panelists


This event is organized by Code for Philly volunteers. You can be one of them!

Event Partners



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