Our Mission

We use tech, data, and design as a mode of civic engagement. We’re making Philadelphia into the city we know it can be by bringing together a community of people dedicated to using their talents to improve their home, and themselves.

Founded under Code for America’s inaugural Brigade Program in 2012, Code for Philly currently hosts a weekly Meetup, regular hackathons and acts as an incubator for civic apps across the city.


  1. Make technology accessible to government, nonprofits, and community organizations by putting topical experts and technologists in conversation with one another and facilitating technology and data literacy.
  2. Create civic engagement and learning opportunities by leveraging open data with technology applications.
  3. Provide a collaborative space for participants of varying expertise and skill-levels to co-create civic improvements ranging from exploratory concepts and ideas to implementable products.
  4. Serve as a vehicle for the professional development of the Greater Philadelphia area’s students, scholars, technologists, civic activists, urbanists and planners in addition to serving as a well of human capital for institutions seeking such individuals.  
  5. Improve the Greater Philadelphia Area today with citizen-driven ideas, projects and civic technology tools that lay a foundation for greater change in the future.

Who We Are

We’re civic and social entrepreneurs, self-directed learners, and proactive community members. Some of us are thinkers, designers, makers, and even coders, but we’re all engaged citizens ready to make an impact on the place we call home.

Meet our Members

What We Do

At Code for Philly, we bring people together to learn from one another, network, develop leadership skills, manage projects from end-to-end, work in teams, and build tech.

To learn more about our innovative applications, check out our Projects page.