Original Idea:

To see the underlying resource data, look at the networkofcare_lat_lng.csv within the /data folder.

Project Activity

Update #2

Thank you to everyone who voted for us on!

We are currently in the first stages: developing the idea, refining the design, and building an initial prototype over one weekend, at the Philly Transit Hackathon organized by Code for America Philly.

This project has enlisted the help of software developers Rob, Mike, and Cory. Rob, an employee of the Philadelphia-based B Corporation Azavea, brought Geotrellis transit to the table to help with travel time analysis.

We are using the database from the Prisoner Reentry Network to develop an interactive map of available resources near an address entered by the user.

Preliminary sketches:

Update #1


Development of Initial Prototype

The initial concept and prototype for "Enter/Return" was developed at the Apps for Philly Transit Hackathon organized by Code for America Philly over the weekend of September 20-22.

It was developed using GitHub and GeoTrellis, and pulled data from the Philadelphia Prison Reentry Network resources list.