At Code for Philly (CfP), we actively work to connect non-profit partners with technical volunteers. Making and growing partnerships at Code for Philly is something that anyone can do. This project will help non-profits tap into Code for Philly resources, by creating a guide on starting new partnerships.

A partnership can be..

  • An introduction to a non-profit org.
  • Starting a new Code for Philly project with them.
  • Securing space for future CfP meetups, to enable people to collaborate.

Currently, this project is focused on helping non-profits get started at CfP by providing…

  1. Clear descriptions of common partnerships we have
  2. Case studies of different partnerships we've had
  3. Simple instructions and checklists for getting started

Roles Needed

  • Product manager - someone who can help us understand the problems non-profits face when first getting started at Code for Philly, and how we address them through this document (or another means!)
  • Comms / Marketing person - someone who can do a much better job at communicating through the docs than me ;)
  • Project manager - someone who might want to link up with a non-profit as they first get started, to make sure they can get their project off the ground!

If you are interested in how new partnerships and projects are formed at Code for Philly, come by the #partnerships slack channel and say hi!

Project Activity

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