We're building a data pipeline + dashboard for Code for Philly data!

The pipeline has two major goals:

  • make it easier for community members to track active projects.
  • serve as a template for other projects.


Code for Philly (CfP) is a place where volunteers and non-profit organizations collaborate on projects. Since its founding in 2012, it’s seen a lot of activity:

  • community slack with 3,000+ members.
  • listing 246 projects.
  • with 113 repos.

However, as CfP has grown, it’s become increasingly difficult for volunteers to find active projects to join, and for CfP leadership to keep track of progress across projects.

Roles Needed

  • Engineers to help build and explore pipeline tools (e.g. with airflow).
  • Data scientists / analysts to help with the dashboard and reporting.
  • Product managers / UX researchers to ensure it's useful to CfP members and projects.

Don't fit the above? Join the slack channel, and we'll find something in the project for you!

Meeting notes

We meet once a week. Below are some notes from past meetings.

week discussion links
12 Jan 2021 Kicked off the project! 10 minute presentation on project (Michael @machow)
19 Jan 2021 Darrel Herbst (@dherbst) reviewed his deep dive into the pipelining tools meltano and singer taps He forked github repos for us to tap github and tap slack data.
3 Feb 2021 Introduced cfpr, which allows analysts to connect to our data in RStudio cfpr github repo
23 Feb 2021 Sophie Finn (@sophfinn) ran us through a design exercise based on the 5E's experience model TODO: screencast summarizing result or link to a document

Project Activity

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