Food Pantry App's Purpose

Food Pantry App is a web app created to make it easier to operate a food pantry or food bank, reduce food insecurity, and help people in need.


Started by the Narberth Community Food Bank, the intention is to make these actions easy:

  • Guests can sign up for delivery and keep their information up to date
  • Admins can schedule deliveries
  • Admins can create packing lists for pickups or deliveries
  • Admins can create data reports in the different formats needed for State, County, Township or other reporting needs

The product roadmap will depend on future needs, but inventory management and other areas of scheduling for other services may be needed.

Project Needs

A minimum viable product has been launched, but there is a lot on the roadmap to do.

Skills needed are:

  • Vuejs
  • firebase
  • UX/UI design from both a Guest and Admin point of view
  • Visual Design
  • Spanish/English translators - the current site is in English, would like to make other languages possible.
  • Accessibility for web apps,

Project Activity

This project doesn't have any activity yet, post an update or log some buzz!